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We are a communications co-op for all consumer-owned utilities (municipals, public power and electric cooperatives). Since 1954, our members have pooled resources to create powerful (and affordable) communications tools, including magazines, reports, calendars, directories, social media support, websites and more.

With members in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, California, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii, odds are you already have seen Ruralite Services in action. We would love to work with you!

More Powerful Together

We Are More Powerful Together

Tap into the fresh, engaging, consumer-focused resources everyone's talking about!

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Our Recent Client Projects

Take a look at some of the most recent work that our team has created.


The Changing Face of Rural Health Care

The Changing Face of Rural Health Care

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson At Ruralite Services, we won’t hesitate to cover new ground on behalf of those we serve. To celebrate National Rural Health Day, we wanted to announce the launch of a new yearlong series in Ruralite and Currents magazines called “The Changing Face of Rural Health Care.” Starting in January, this will be a fresh approach to print and digital storytelling that spotlights innovative and unique health-care programs and initiatives being carried out in diverse rural communities throughout the Northwest and West. The health-care theme offers a big umbrella to tell intimate, on-the-ground stories each month about how communities are being reached for the better.   What is our aim? To reflect well on our utility partners, serve the greater good and reinforce the positive bond between utilities and members (a bond seen in our stellar readership survey results). This is new ground for the magazine—you could say, it is beyond...

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Inside the Magazine: November

Inside the Magazine: November

Let’s look at how public power utilities are expressing gratitude in the November Ruralite, Florida Currents and Currents magazines.

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Website Wisdom for the New Year

Website Wisdom for the New Year

Want your website to be useful? Be scannable, keep copy simple and make it easy to connect with you.

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We think our co-op is fantastic, but why take our word for it? Here are a few nods from your peers.

“As a one-person department with many different responsibilities I could not produce a member letter on my own. Ruralite does it monthly, preparing a high-quality, informative magazine for our members. I appreciate the years of consistent communication with our members, and the professionally produced member brochures.”

– Lynn Culp, Surprise Valley Electric, California

“Having Ruralite as our communications partner means I can rely on them to consistently produce a quality publication that is interesting and informative to our members.”

Sabrina Owens, Escambia River Electric, Florida

“Through our stories, our members get to know us and through our magazine’s presence in their homes, we become part of the family.”

– Meera Kohler, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Alaska

“From story ideas to layout, Ruralite alleviates the stress of putting out a quality publication that our customers enjoy. We don’t have a big staff, so our time is precious. Working with Ruralite allows us to use our time productively; their staff is always there to support us.”

Theresa Phillips, Lassen Municipal Utility District, California

“Ruralite has helped reduce the amount of time that Canby Utility management spends working on the design, material and layout while improving the readers’ interest in our newsletter.”

– Sue Arthur, Canby Utility, Oregon

“Forget about what an economical tool Ruralite is in our communications toolbox. Forget about how each year the surveys show incredibly high readership. Ruralite magazine works because it strikes a chord with our membership. They identify with it and that strengthens our relationship with our members.”

– Bob Pierce, Clearwater Power Co., Idaho

“Ruralite does an excellent job of presenting interesting stories and current information. It gives the readers a chance to connect with other cooperative members in a friendly platform. Ruralite means I can feel confident that my members are getting quality, knowledgeable industry information.”

– Charlotte Bouta, Columbia REA, Washington

“Having a support system like yours in place makes a huge difference in what we can offer to our members.”

– Christina Sawyer, Mt. Wheeler Power, Nevada

“Without exception, the staff is responsive, punctual, creative and professional.”

– Todd Munsey, Douglas Electric, Oregon

  • Lynn Culp, Surprise Valley Electric, California
  • Sabrina Owens, Escambia River Electric, Florida
  • Meera Kohler, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Alaska
  • Theresa Phillips, Lassen Municipal Utility District, California
  • Sue Arthur, Canby Utility, Oregon
  • Bob Pierce, Clearwater Power Co., Idaho
  • Charlotte Bouta, Columbia REA, Washington
  • Christina Sawyer, Mt. Wheeler Power, Nevada
  • Todd Munsey, Douglas Electric, Oregon

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Ruralite Magazine

Ruralite Magazine

Ruralite focuses on activities and issues affecting readers in the west.

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Florida Currents Magazine

Florida Currents Magazine

Featuring stories from writers across the Sunshine State, Florida Currents focuses on local personalities, photography, travel, electrical safety, energy efficiency and developments in the power industry.

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Currents Magazine

Currents Magazine

Currents magazine informs readers in Arizona and California every other month.

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We offer energy-efficiency and conservation services through our wholly owned subsidiary, Efficiency Services Group, utility parts distribution and advanced technical services through General Pacific, and NewsData, LLC offering subscription-based newsletters that are a source of news and intelligence for the western U.S. and Canada on energy policy, market news, and resource development.