Inside the Magazine: May

Posted on May 9, 2018

During May, electrical safety stories and columns reigned. Those stories may not have quite the same clout in June. But I bet you will still find inspiration in this month’s batch of best practices. Here are my favorite ideas from the latest Ruralite, Florida Currents and Currents magazines.


Feature Examples

Touchstone Energy’s 2017 Cooperative Difference Survey found member satisfaction and engagement grows when we support fire and rescue efforts and crisis preparedness, among other important topics. These themes were reflected in May features. Two Coos-Curry Electric, OR, employees volunteered to search for—and rescued—an elderly woman. Northern Wasco PUD, OR, profiled how one community prepares schools for the worst. Surprise Valley, CA, does a great job of sharing the birth of a volunteer firefighting team during last year’s devastating Ana Fire. Need a story idea? Featuring local fire and rescue efforts or crisis preparedness could do more than fill a page—it could make readers smile.


Share Package

Need an idea for your June pages? Dig into our share package. In Alaska, Copper Valley Electric used a three-page Q/A format to explain new meters, while Golden Valley Electric debunked meter myths with solid graphics. In Oregon, Consumers Power and Central Electric Cooperative tackled explaining capital credits. And if you have many manufactured homes on your lines, look at how Florida’s Escambia River shared money-saving tips for mobile-home owners.


Back Pages

We often see manager columns focused on district meetings, capital credits, rate changes and more, important information. But this month in Washington, Klickitat PUD General Manager Jim Smith took a different—and powerful—approach. After a bus crash killed 16 students, Jim used his column to talk about the value of family. If a tragedy hits your community, consider having a moment of silence on your programs and utility news. Jim showed the power of a personal touch and voice.


Ready for Inspiration?

Click the links below for more magazine content ideas:

Important: If you are interested in reprinting any of the features in the share package, you should contact the communicator at the utility that published the feature for permission. We include a list of the utilities’ phone numbers and contact people who have examples in the share package.

If you are interested in reprinting Ruralite features, please contact or your local editor.


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