Brandon Pomrenke Earns CCC

Posted on Nov 16, 2017

Ruralite Assistant Editor Brandon Pomrenke

In October we got some great news. Ruralite Services’ Brandon Pomrenke earned his title as a Certified Cooperative Communicator from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. He was promoted from associate editor to assistant editor.

The certification honors communications skills and electric cooperative industry competency. To earn his CCC, Brandon submitted a portfolio of work and passed an intense four-hour examination.

“I’ve learned so much about communications and the public power industry from my co-workers and utility communicators, but the CCC was a great way to practice bringing it all together,” said Brandon. “As part of a communications team in an industry that’s constantly changing, it’s important to take advantage of professional development opportunities like this.”

Brandon joined Ruralite in 2014 after working for seven years as a public affairs specialist in the U.S. Army. After joining the utility world, he started studying for the CCC as a way to learn about the industry and better serve his members.

“This nationally recognized credential is hard-earned,” said Ruralite Editor Leon Espinoza. “It is a reflection of the high standards of Ruralite and desire of those who work here to push themselves and to grow professionally. We are very proud of Brandon. A nice guy finishes first!”

Brandon joins four other Ruralite staff with the national credential:

  • Assistant Editor Mike Teegarden
  • Assistant Editor Pam Blair
  • Assistant Editor Jennifer Brown
  • Content Marketing and Development Manager Megan McKoy-Noe

Since 1985, more than 400 electric cooperative communicators have earned the CCC status.

The CCC program was created to strengthen and enrich the professional skills and abilities of electric co-op communicators. Applicants learn how to apply key communication concepts to plan, execute, and evaluate an effective strategic communications plan to advance a utilities’ message.

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