2015 SEA Handouts

Posted By on Jul 30, 2015

2015 SEA Handouts


Ted Case’s session notes:


Top 10 Historical Moments of Electric Co-ops and the Presidency


Robin Kreger’s session notes:


PPT – Robin Kreger June 2015


David LaBelle’s session notes:


David LaBelle Photography mini workshop notes:
Photo Fundamentals for any kind of camera

The Eye eats First

Planning for success


Lisa Peyton’s session notes:


Lisa Peyton slide deck


Lou Sabatier’s session notes:


Content Show – SEA Portland 2015

EMedia Potential Show – SEA Portland 2015

Going Native – SEA Portland 2015

Media Kits Show – SEA Portland 2015

Wrapup Show – SEA Portland 2015


Benjy Uhl’s session notes:



Postage Statement Periodicals

Periodicals Rates Calculator


Matt Wilmot’s session notes:


Avoiding Legal Mindfields


South Carolina Living Magazine:

Editorial Philosophy and Advertising in SC Living

SCL-SCag advertorial comp 8_15

SCL-SCPRT advertorial comp-bbq


Advertising Sessions:

Native Advertising:

Media 101:

How to Sell More Effectively:

Let’s Talk: An Honest Assessment of NCM

Idea Exchange:

Invigorating Your Media Kits:

How to Employ Winning Social Media:

Printer Panel:



List of all particpants:

Participants List



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