February’s Features Capture Local Interests

Posted on Feb 19, 2016


What makes your community great? Chances are the combined heart and soul of your city has a lot to do with the individuals who chose to live there. Take Columbia Basin Electric Co-op’s Darryl Houghtelling for example. He ran the 2015 Mount Everest Marathon and returned to his community to share is adventure.

What about the many people who find a niche market within utilities’ service territories. Surprise Valley Electric’s Mikie Royer wanted to save her people money when their loved ones passed away, so she created Old West Coffins.

Sometimes the character of your community is seen in the people who run the tried and true local businesses. Blachly-Lane Electric’s Horton Market has been owned by the same couple for 43 years.

No matter where you live, the passions of the people in your community shine. Gather inspiration from the February feature stories to get new ideas to capture local characters.

2016_02 Feature stories

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