Inside the Magazine: February

Posted on Feb 1, 2017

Being a utility employee makes you a valuable resource. It is always the right time to share your knowledge. Keep your consumers in the loop with ideas from Inside the Magazine’s timely, engaging utility content from Ruralite, Florida Currents and Currents magazines.

How many times have you been questioned about your utility’s facilities charge? Flip your consumers’ viewpoint by exploring how this charge benefits them such as Columbia REA’s back page.

There is a lot more at stake for landlords than ruined carpet. In the share package, Lassen Municipal explains the risk of leaving┬átenant’s electric service in the landlord’s name.

The At Home section of Ruralite magazine is designed with your consumers in mind. Douglas Electric’s feature story shares how one first-grader scored big by submitting a free request.

Click the links below for more magazine content ideas and shareables.

Important note: If you are interested in reprinting any of the features in the share package, you should contact the communicator at the utility that published the feature for permission. We include a list of the utilities phone numbers and contact people who have examples in the share package.

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