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Posted on Jul 12, 2017

How does your utility work? As communicators, it is your duty to create clear messages to inform your consumers about everything from energy mix to scholarships. See what these utilities are doing with Inside the Magazine’s timely, engaging utility content from Ruralite, Florida Currents and Currents magazines.

Golden Valley Electric Association gets relatable to its consumers with a fun back page graphic explaining its generation sources.

Consumers Power Inc. shares a sidebar that answers the basic questions about its prepay program. Incorporating the colors of its logo helps the information stand out. The article is available in the share package.

It’s monsoon season in Arizona. Graham County Electric Cooperative shared safety tips for downed power lines, lightning and dust storms with a dramatic picture of downed lines.

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Important note: If you are interested in reprinting any of the features in the share package, you should contact the communicator at the utility that published the feature for permission. We include a list of the utilities’ phone numbers and contact people who have examples in the share package.

If you are interested in reprinting Ruralite features, please contact or your local editor.

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