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Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Want to help your annual report shine? Clatskanie People’s Utility District in Clatskanie, Oregon, bundles it with its member calendar. They insert the award-winning solution into a local newspaper. Everyone within two zip codes receives a copy each November.

“The calendar is a great annual report vehicle,” says Clatskanie PUD Customer Relations and Services Manager Sarah Rossi. “Our customers get something useful with the calendar and are more likely to read some of our report since it is in the same document.”

Ruralite’s annual 32-page calendar offers customizable pages. Clatskanie PUD uses the pages to share:

  • Letter from the general manager
  • Board of directors list, photos
  • Audited financial data, graphics
  • Statement of income, balance sheet
  • Candid staff photos

In the 2015 calendar, each month’s dates are paired with a 1930s through 1960s-era picture of an important local event, local business or iconic local streetscape. Sarah sourced the pictures from the Clatskanie Historical Society, the local library and members of the community.

“People love our calendars with historic local photos,” she says. “They look forward to receiving them each year, and get upset if we don’t send them out early enough. People send them to relatives that used to live in Clatskanie and now live out of the area to help keep their connection to our community.”

Ruralite Assistant Editor Jennifer Brown and Graphic Designer Duy Mai work closely with Sarah on the annual project.

“Duy and Jennifer are awesome to work with,” says Sarah. “They both do an excellent job understanding my vision of what theme and overall look I want for the calendar. Duy finds a way to take my ideas to the next level, bringing the design to life in our combined report and calendar.”

Clatskanie PUD’s 2015 combined calendar and annual report won first place, Best Annual Report, in the Northwest Public Power Association’s 2015 Excellence in Communication Contest. Click here to see the report.


Want a Memorable Calendar? 

Ruralite’s calendar provides an affordable way to keep your logo and message in front of readers all year long. You can customize a few pages in the common calendar or put your mark on all 32 pages, like Clatskanie PUD.

The common calendar showcases reader-submitted scenic and wildlife shots from across the West. Make the calendar more helpful by using a black overprint plate to add important dates (annual meeting, scholarship deadlines, rebate reminders, community festivals and more). For a special touch, use our 4-color custom option to switch out some or all of the pictures with shots from your community.

The deadline for 2017 orders is September 23. Allow extra design time if you want a custom calendar similar to Clatskanie PUD’s version. Ask your editor about special discounts to make custom options more affordable than ever in 2017, or contact

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