APP-ly Yourself

OnLine Newsletter Summer 2018

Six app logos: Adobe Spark, DropBox, Slack, Chatfuel, Magisto and Videolicious.

Use these six time-saving apps to make life easier.

Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Video help you design social media posts, slideshows and video. All features are free for Creative Cloud subscribers. This includes a set of branded themes with your colors, logo and font choice. Available on iOS and desktop.

DropBox: Use to store crisis communications materials (press release templates, graphics, etc.) so you have easy access no matter where you find yourself. Available on iOS and Android; 2GB free storage.

Slack: Use this workspace app to send one text to different groups for better collaboration. Free version available. Available on iOS, Android and desktop.

Chatfuel: Getting lots of Facebook messages? Some utilities are testing Chatfuel, an AI bot, in Messenger. Free.

Magisto: Pick your images, video length, style, music and a text overlay. Magisto creates the movie. Available on iOS and Android. Free.

Videolicious: Easily add a script and pick images to show as you talk. Add logos, watermarks and music, too. Available on iOS and Android. Free; $10 a month for more editing features. 

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