White Balance Offers Better Color Control

OnLine Newsletter | Summer 2017

Want more control over the way colors look in your pictures? Look at your white balance setting.

White balance is what your digital camera uses to set the color temperature of your photos. It has a huge affect on the color of your photos. Color temperature measures  the hue of a light source. Sunlight, candlelight, fluorescent bulbs and other light sources have unique color temperatures. White can look beige or cream based on the light’s hue.

Most cameras have an auto white balance setting. That is a good place to start, but it is not always the best setting. There usually are settings for flash, incandescent and fluorescent lights and clouds.

By manually setting your white balance, you have more control over the color cast. For instance, setting the white balance to cloudy, even on a bright sunny day, causes the photo to have a slight orange, or warm, cast. This is a great trick for portraits, creating an appealing skin tone.

Read up on white balance in your camera manual so you can be in control of your camera.  Start here: