Members of Ruralite Services


We are a communications co-op delivering innovative solutions to publicly-owned utilities since 1954.

We provide more than 100 electric cooperatives, public utility districts and municipalities with high-quality communication resources and services tailored to meet their needs. Members stretch across 16 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming. Membership isn’t required to work with us, but it certainly has great benefits.

In true cooperative fashion, our members lead us through our Board of Directors and Communications Committee.

Board of Directors

Ruralite Services’ Board of Directors come from the membership. There are seven districts; eligible representatives include any member utility CEO/general manager or board member.

Marc Farmer – Chairman, General Manager

Clatskanie PUD, Oregon, representing District 3, Western Oregon

Meera Kohler – CEO

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Alaska, representing District 1, Alaska and Hawaii

Jeff Brewington – CEO

Glades Electric Cooperative Inc., Florida, representing District 7, Florida

Robert Callison – Director

Clearwater Power, Idaho, representing District 5, Idaho and Nevada

Scott Peters – CEO

Columbia REA, Washington, representing District 2, Washington

Dave Schneider – CEO

Midstate Electric Cooperative, Oregon, representing District 4, Eastern Oregon

  • Marc Farmer – Chairman, General Manager
  • Meera Kohler – CEO
  • Jeff Brewington – CEO
  • Robert Callison – Director
  • Scott Peters – CEO
  • Dave Schneider – CEO

Communications Committee

Magazine content and marketing support ideas are generated under the leadership of Ruralite Services’ Communications Committee. Ten utility communicators meet twice a year to share ideas and identify communication needs. Want to volunteer on the committee? Let us know!

Corby Erwin – Chairwoman

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative, California

Elissa Glassman – Vice Chairwoman

Northern Lights Electric Cooperative, Idaho

Garrett Hylton

Wells Rural Electric Cooperative, Nevada

James Ramseyer

Consumers Power, Oregon

Mark Sellers

Peace River Electric Cooperative, Florida

Beth Schroder

Klickitat PUD, Washington

Pam Spettel

Blachly-Lane Electric Co-op, Oregon

Sarah Johnson

Clatskanie PUD, Oregon

Sharon Scheidt

Copper Valley Electric, Alaska

Katy Reno

Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association, Arizona

  • Corby Erwin – Chairwoman
  • Elissa Glassman – Vice Chairwoman
  • Garrett Hylton
  • James Ramseyer
  • Mark Sellers
  • Beth Schroder
  • Pam Spettel
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Sharon Scheidt
  • Katy Reno