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Posted on Sep 14, 2017

While browsing a Texas electric co-op’s blog feed, I found an editorial written by Curtis Condon, Ruralite’s recently-retired managing editor. Hello Google, my old friend. Let’s see where else electric co-ops shared his column, Appreciating Electricity a Penny at a Time.

Texas. Kansas. Pennsylvania. Nebraska. Montana. Colorado. Minnesota. Illinois. Oklahoma. Wisconsin. Tennessee. Iowa. South Dakota. Wow.

Add states with Ruralite member utilities (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, Florida), and you realize consumers in all parts of the country read this message. That’s the power of Straight Talk.

A collection of newsletters featuring Condon's editorial

I used to write consumer-focused content for Straight Talk when I worked for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The sheer power of sharing a message across a 900-utility network of communicators never ceases to amaze me.


Wait—you’ve never heard of Straight Talk?

The team at Ruralite Services, a utility-owned communications cooperative, know the value of working collaboratively to save time, money and headaches. Our editors connect members to helpful resources like Straight Talk, the Electrical Safety Foundation International, Safe Electricity, and more. We write original energy-focused content and create graphics for Ruralite members, too. Cooperation among cooperatives—I love that principle, don’t you?

I often meet communicators who had never heard about Straight Talk, a consumer content resource for NRECA members.

Do you work for an electric co-op? If so, join Straight Talk’s Listserv. Each month you get an email with an editorial and stories about energy efficiency, safety and other energy issues. Graphics and videos support the content. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. NRECA also provides toolkits on rate increases, internal communications, social media, crisis communications, smart meters and more.


More resources

Not an NRECA member? Never fear—you have great resources, too. The American Public Power Association has consumer content for Public Power Week (October 1-7, 2017!) and storm preparation materials. They often share graphics from their magazine, Public Power. To get on the distribution list, email APPA Director of Digital and Social Media Sam Gonzales.

What resources work best for you? Share your favorite go-to resources as comments on this blog post. Remember—as public power utility communicators, we’re more powerful together!

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