Photo Contest: A Package Deal

Posted on Feb 8, 2017

Every service territory has its own beauty, whether your power lines sit high on a ridge overlooking the valley or sink deep into sandy soil near an awe-inspiring ocean scene. Celebrating local scenery is a great way to paint a picture of your utility—especially when that image is admired 365 days a year.

Custom calendars—especially calendars showcasing local places—are packed with value, since calendars stay in your members’ homes all year long. Your logo, meeting dates and efficiency messages stay top of mind when they refer to the calendar every month. Calendars allow your utility to become a printed mainstay in consumers’ households for 365 days.

Let your consumers provide the images for your calendars, while showing off their skills photographing the region they love. A contest may seem daunting. Never fear. We have the materials you’ll need for a picturesque pitch.

Request a contest package

In the package you’ll receive

  • Contest timeline
  • Website text
  • Customizable ads and story for local pages and/or local newspapers
  • Social media posts

Ask your editor for the package. Don’t have an editor? Email

Before you receive your package, let’s talk about the timeline. Here is an outline to start building your contest:


Decide what kind of prize you will give winning entries (Bill credit? Gift card? Lots of praise?).

Set a deadline for the end of July or early August. Be sure to allow time for a judge to pick winners and for your editor to design your custom calendar. I am often available as a judge (


Introduce the contest on your local pages. A sample story and layout are available from your editor.


Promote the contest on your social media channels. When space is available, place a reminder ad in your local pages.


Place a final reminder story on your local pages. Remind consumers of the fast-approaching deadline on social media.


Send contest entries to judge(s). Allow one to two weeks for review. Submit winners to your editor for calendar design.

Edit website page about the contest to let visitors know it is now closed.


Run a story on your local pages featuring contest winners. Share when and where the calendar will be available.


Remind consumers to use the calendar for important community and utility events. Share the story on social media channels.

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