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More Powerful Together

MORE Powerful Together Resources

Every three months Ruralite and NWPPA members have received access to materials on a regular basis over the past year centered around one of four key messages: local, innovative, expert and driven (learn more in our message guide). All materials are now available with the current release of the new driven theme. Get answers to common questions here.

Released July 2018, April 2018, January 2018 and October 2017
We use three unique talking points for each theme, written as testimonials from a consumer’s perspective, to explain why public power matters.


  1. More than jobs. Room to grow. This headline encompasses and helps you focus on all the ways you might be supporting economic growth in your community: broadband investments, commercial energy support, efficient energy infrastructure and scholarships to facilitate skilled workers in the community.
  2. More than a business. Building community. Growing a community is of high value; use this headline to underline your community-growing activities.
  3. More than energy. A shared vision. Do you share a vision of a strong community? Communicate that by using this headline to highlight your involvement and actions in this arena.


  1. MORE than opinions. Expertise. This headline highlights the real value your staff bring to technical questions from customers, encouraging them to start their research with you.
  2. MORE than power. A connection. Providing helpful expertise and tips to homeowners for managing energy use is a high value when customers connect a new service . . . or, anytime. Use this headline to show that added value.
  3. MORE than one voice. Many. This headline helps you focus on the relationship aspect of working with your customers.


  1. MORE than energy. Solutions. Use this headline to highlight your community solar project or suggest how to find rebates and/or local installers to add residential solar panels.
  2. MORE than poles and wires. A launch pad. This headline helps you focus on the economic growth that electricity service makes possible in your community.
  3. MORE than an app. A key. Helping your members/consumers save time and money is of high value. Use this headline to show your commitment to meaningful customer service through innovation.


  1. MORE than a utility. A lifeline. Use this headline to highlight community grant programs, efficiency savings efforts and other ways you impact lives in your neighborhood.
  2. MORE than a customer. A partner. This headline helps you focus on business partnerships and efforts to support local growth.
  3. MORE than a number. A promise. Have scholarship programs or other youth-sponsored activities? Use this headline to show your commitment to local needs not only today, but for future generations.

Download individual files below.


Looking ahead, for the second year of this initiative, the focus will be on best practices and support of utility communicator implementation. To be notified when new materials are added, email Kathi VanderZanden.



We have four print advertisement sizes: full page, half page, quarter page and sixth page. PDFs can be edited in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Mark Woodward/NWPPA walks through the process in NWPPA’s recorded video how-to webinar. InDesign files are also included for our tech-savvy friends. For help with editing or other forms of customization, please contact Kathi VanderZanden.
Download DRIVEN   Download EXPERT   Download INNOVATIVE     Download LOCAL


NEW! Short Videos
You can update your Facebook Business Page cover photo with a 20- to 90-second video. You can add your logo and website. And we created three 15- to 20-second videos, one for each key message. Use the videos as is, or add your logo/website address at the end.


Social Media Covers and Posts
We have a list of suggested posts to use over the next three months, paired with images. We also created Facebook and Twitter cover images for utilities who want to use them. We include .png and InDesign or Illustrator files for the artwork.
Download DRIVEN   Download EXPERT   Download INNOVATIVE   Download LOCAL


Leadership Editorials
These opinion piece can be used on your Ruralite back pages. You can also send it as an op-ed to your local newspaper or post it on your blog.
Download DRIVEN (Room to Grow)   Download DRIVEN (Parent)   Download DRIVEN (Oregon)   Download EXPERT (Human Body)  Download EXPERT (Trees)   Download INNOVATIVE    Download LOCAL


Pop-up Banners
Use banners in your lobby and at community events. Customize these with your logo and a local image. Want us to customize and order it for you? Ask Kathi VanderZanden.
Download DRIVEN   Download EXPERT   Download INNOVATIVE   Download LOCAL


Website Content
Since the print ads and social media’s call-to-action drives consumers to your website, it’s important to have the message there, too. This zip file includes body text for a website page with suggested links and two graphic versions of our tagline, More Powerful Together. Need something else? Let us know.
Download DRIVEN   Download EXPERT    Download INNOVATIVE     Download LOCAL


Radio/On-Hold Message Scripts
For many, the free public service announcement slots available at your local radio stations are a great way to connect with members/consumers. Take advantage of a selection of 15- and 30-second spots that focus on our key messages. You can also use these scripts for your on-hold phone messaging system.
Download DRIVEN  Download EXPERT    Download INNOVATIVE


Annual Meeting CEO or Board President Speech
Weaving together the key messaging from both Local and Innovative, this framework for a speech is useful and compelling. Fill in the details about your utility and you are good to go! Or, use it as a basis for what your leadership wants to say, adding in the select messaging elements as they work for your unique speech.
Download DRIVEN  Download EXPERT   Download INNOVATIVE


Internal Poster, Staff News Story
Use these internally-focused materials to educate and engage staff about More Powerful Together!
Download EXPERT


NEW! PowerPoint Template for External Use
Next time you or another utility leader is invited to give a presentation at the local Rotary or Chamber of Commerce meeting (or, with any external audience) use this PowerPoint. Or, work with this PowerPoint as a basis for your presentation, adding or dropping slides as needed.


NEW! Infographic
While a picture says a thousand words, infographics are the combination of images and information presented in a way that makes details clear and data more accessible. They are memorable and maximize the consumer’s limited attention span. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text and 40 percent of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. In addition, research has shown that people remember 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read, and 80 percent of what they see and do. Use this infographic in your consumer publication, or on your website for more impact.

Annual Meeting Support (pop-up banner art, shirt art, buttons)

Your next annual meeting just got easier with this package of easy-to-customize materials. From a theme from one of the More Powerful Together messages (Local, Innovative, Expert, or Driven) to your CEO’s speech! With the addition of your utility logo, these materials are ready-made to support your next big customer event.

Coming Soon:
But wait, there’s more! We are currently working on a longer video and the focus, ahead, will be on best practices and support of utility communicator implementation into 2019. To be notified when new materials are added or to share ideas for new content, email Kathi VanderZanden.