That’s a Wrap!

Magazine Wrap

That’s a Wrap!

We started working with the Florida utilities in 2011. Annual meeting season came in early 2012. Escambia River Electric Cooperative, Florida, had done a magazine wrap with its previous printer to announce the cooperative’s annual meeting in April. The wrap not only contains the official meeting notice, but also provides an annual meeting registration card (conveniently including the mailing label) and an affidavit signed by the member.

Ruralite Services Assistant Editor Pam Blair prepared wraps for Escambia in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The 2014 one was by far the best, because it highlights the cooperative’s 75th anniversary with historic photos and an old-time feel. The strategy was developed with Sabrina Owens, Escambia River Electric Cooperative’s director of marketing. Owens had the idea for the old photos, while Blair had the idea for the look, and designed the piece.

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