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Posted on Mar 14, 2014

callout-stove-projectWhy settle for cards on Mother’s Day? Buy coffee and join an email list to make life better for co-op moms in Uganda.

Our sister co-op, Equal Exchange, works with small, farmer-owned cooperatives around the world. Their Fair Trade chocolate, coffee and tea proves cooperation tastes great!

Many remote co-op families (especially moms) live under harsh conditions. To honor them on Mother’s Day, Equal Exchange is raising $4,000 to provide healthy, energy-efficient wood stoves for 100 households in Uganda’s Gumutindo coffee cooperative.

As part of Ruralite Services’ commitment to community, we’re sponsoring two stoves. We also promised our friends at Equal Exchange that we’d spread the word!

How to help: 

  • Stock your co-op break room with Proud Mama coffee. For every can sold, they’ll donate $1 to the cause. It’s a double-win for the Gumutindo moms–their co-op’s fairly traded coffee is used for this blend.
  • Sign up for Equal Exchange’s newsletter. For each new email address, they’ll donate 25¢. Added bonus? You’ll find out how your community can connect to farmer co-ops around the world. You’ll also get a snapshot of how Fair Trade and farmer co-ops enable families to have greater control over their economic future. Sign up here:

Co-operation is Sweet. Spread the word!
As a sweet thank you to co-ops that pledge to spread the word, Equal Exchange will ship chocolate to your office. Really. Want to help? Send your mailing address to Rodney North, Equal Exchange’s Answer Man.

Ready? Set? Co-operate! 


  1. I read this piece with interest and signed up for the newsletter. I thought you might like to see another effort to help bring efficient wood stoves to those who really need it. While this is not a cooperative or a charity, the technology caught my eye because it generates electricity and burns so clean it doesn’t even require a chimney. I bought one of the camp stove versions and I am entirely impressed with it. Some of the proceeds of the camp stove sales go toward providing the Home Stove version abroad.

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    • Thanks for sharing, Bob! I love that BioLite stoves also generate power for small electronics. It’s amazing how many conveniences we take for granted in the States. Luckily co-ops like Equal Exchange are helping folks who need it most. We’re happy to help!

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