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Looking for ways to take your storytelling to the next level? We can partner with you to create engaging videos to share at meetings and through social media.

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Here are examples of our work:

Magazine Storytelling

Wade Skinner is a welding artist who lives and works just south of Junction City in central Oregon. Wade says he slows his life down and pays attention to detail, turning plain metal into decorative pieces.


Contra dancing is an American folk dance with moves you might find in square dancing. With a few gentle strokes of a rosined bow, fiddle strings come to life, and another contra dance begins in Eugene, Oregon. Dancers move under the direction of caller Woody Lane, who guides them through the flowing dance as they travel up and down the dance hall in lines, greeting other dancers with big smiles.


Utility Campaign

We partnered with Wells REC to get the word out about how Question 3 on the November 2018 ballot would impact consumers. It was handily defeated.

Promoting Our Brand

Ruralite Services CEO Michael Shepard and Ruralite Magazines Editor Leon Espinoza share the exciting results of Ruralite’s recent readership survey.


We held our biennial Communicator’s Workshop in Newport, Oregon, Sept. 30 to Oct. 3. Game Night is a long-standing tradition at the workshop, and this year’s event did not disappoint.


Ruralite Services created a fun-loving marketing video for our Social Media Support Program, which is a parody based on Dollar Shave Club’s original viral marketing video.