We Respond

Critical communications assistance during crises

With We Respond, Ruralite offers crisis communications support on an as needed-basis (not a subscription service), augmenting your staff when your communications needs spike in the wake of a crisis. A crisis might be a forest fire or a major weather event when many customers are without power for a period of time. We offer two types of service: remote assistance and on-the-ground editing and communication support.

Remote Assistance Offers

Facebook posting and messaging when you need it most. Editors provide critical social media support and help craft and refine messaging you want disseminated during a power crisis. This offers a chance for your staff to get rest and tend to their families as our editor stands in. Service is billed hourly ($75/hour for members and $85/hour for non-members); current social media customers get an additional 10 percent discount.

Direct On-the-Ground Editing & Communication Support

Ruralite provides a seasoned editor—with professional editing, communication and photography skills. The editor offers message development, documentation and communications expertise. Service is billed daily ($750 a day for on-the spot editing, photography and communication help; travel days—if necessary—are $500). Per diem (travel, meal and lodging expenses) is paid by utility. Current Florida Currents and Ruralite magazine customers get an additional 10 percent discount.


To learn more, contact us at marcom@ruralite.org.