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Posted on Nov 30, 2016

Every fall, the Ruralite Services editors brainstorm energy topics for the coming year. Based on information gathered from the Communications Committee meeting in October, the editors compiled a rough schedule of topics for the first six months of 2017. We want your expertise and input to add a fresh perspective to these topics.

Each energy feature has a focus. Plugged In gives consumers helpful energy efficiency advice, electrical safety tips and energy gadget reviews. Power Lines focuses on current energy concerns such as federal energy policy, technology to balance electric supply with environmental concerns and the impact of grassroots efforts. Voice Box invites experts to weigh in on regional and national energy and legislative issues regarding various areas of concern.

We are adding a new element to our 2017 lineup. Tentatively named “Your Co-op, Your Community,” this two-page spread will occasionally replace the Power Lines feature.

If you have any contacts for a specific Plugged In or Power Lines topic, or additional ideas to throw in the mix, contact Jennifer Brown. If you would like to be a Voice Box guest columnist, contact Brandon Pomrenke to suggest your topic.



Plugged In: Path of Restoration
Power Lines: Rights-of-Way
Voice Box: Arborist



Plugged In: Electric Vehicles
Co-op/Community: Your Responsibility as a Member
Voice Box: Wells Fleet EV



Plugged In: Lighting/LED
Power Lines: Marijuana
Voice Box: TBA



Plugged In: What Linemen Do/Equipment
Power Lines: Base Rate
Voice Box: Lineman experience/programs



Plugged In: Gadgets
Power Lines: Trump’s First 100 Days
Voice Box: TBA



Plugged In: Generators
Power Lines: TBA
Voice Box: TBA

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